Saturday, May 22, 2010

Having come from a place where logos abound — in-your-face, brightly colored logos trying to vie for your attention, where bigger is touted as better, I am delighted and awed to be surrounded by simple, beautiful communication.  Names of establishments neatly engraved into the façade of buildings, gilded in gold; or simple silver three- dimensional letters pinned onto the face; painted letters in soft colors on awnings.  They have a timeless to them, an elegance.  Many are in classical typefaces, others in a more modern sans serif, all perfectly letter-spaced. They set the mood for a gentle entrance into the store, whether it is a store with the latest young and inexpensive fashions, or an exclusive jewelry store.  All speak softly.  And when you enter, you are always greeted with "bonjour" , and when you leave you are bid a "merci, bonne journée".  It is so civilized.  You feel recognized, valued, and it sets the mood for a good day, indeed.

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