Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Many of you Fashionistas may already know this brand, but I was just recently introduced to it in Paris.  It's Melissa, the elegant plastic shoes, the plastic shoes of Plastic Dreams!  And all the fancy girls are wearing them... on the catwalks, on the streets.
Melissa is a company out of Sao Paolo Brazil, celebrating 30 years in business. In that time Melissa has manufactured more than 50 million pairs of shoes, all on a sustainable platform.  The shoes are manufactured with a proprietary Injected Thermoplastic technology called Melflex and are 100% recyclable. They smell like mouthwatering candy from your childhood.  They are delightfully comfortable. Sophisticated and yet somewhat comical.
Melissa's design partners are a selection of amazing international design professionals — Architect Zaha Hadid; British Punk fashion designer Judy Blame, who is also part of the design team at Louis Vuitton; Karim Rashid; Vivian Westwood and fashion rebel Alexandre Hershcovitch, among others.
The brand's flagship storefront in Sao Paulo changes every 6 months and they have a dedicated space to showcase art and music performances.  The entire brand works as a platform for the diffusion of fashion, design and cultural information.  Their new SoHo store in NY is slated to open this summer.
We tried them on. Did we buy them?  Can you say "I LOVE Melissa!" ?
For an in-depth look at the brand and their sustainable platform, go their creative website

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