Sunday, May 23, 2010

Something is awry in this City of Lovers.  It happened under the cover of night, unexpectedly, cruelly.  For more than a decade, lovers have been fastening padlocks onto the railings of the Ponts des Arts, the Napoleonic passerelle (footbridge) over the Seine river.  The lovers write or engrave their names on the padlocks, fastening them tightly and throwing the key into the river below.  It is a sign of their eternal love. The padlocks are in all shapes and sizes, some antique, some new and shiny, a beautiful representation of all kinds of love, and their auras filled the bridge with joy.  But overnight these odes to love were removed.  By whom and why?  The city authorities had previously announced they were going to remove them, but now that they are gone, they are denying their involvement.  Perhaps a scorned lover ravaged them.  I walked the bridge a few days after the travesty, and new padlocks, all testaments to love's enduring passion and tenacity, are fastened to the bridge. Hopefully to remain forever. Link to the article.

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